Arrogance Music Factory


Endless beaches. Crazy hot summer nights. Cool breeze and cocktails. Extreme summer memories expect all coming for adventures at Golden Sands. What better way to start a hot summer day than dive into a world of music and wild entertainment at Arrogance Music Factory. The place is Astera Hotel, line 1. Enjoy the musical mix of the club and start an unforgettable party summer. Arrogance Music Factory is the club that would take you to five separate music styles and the next one is right through the next door.

HOUSE HALL, R'n'B + RETRO HALL, PARTY HALL, LOUNGE HALL and BILLIARD HALL are the five halls in the club, you just need to pick where to start. Here you don't need to wonder where to go, you just open the door in front of you and enjoy as this is ARROGANCE MUSIC FACTORY - FIVE HALLS, FIVE STYLES, ONE PLACE.

House Hall

If you're a fan of the world house music scene and culture this is your hall in Arrogance Music Factory. The club atmosphere and world class music are guaranteed. Dive into a mix of colours with last generation 3D light show. The round bar will take you for a spin in a different place of unique club styling and sound. Go wild!


Join us in R'n'B + RETRO HALL and into your favourite R'n'B hits of all times. Also known as the bar of lamps this hall connects different musical worlds. Long bar and crazy dancing within the party crowd are just the beginning of your night at R'n'B + RETRO HALL.

Lounge Hall

If the night starts to overwhelm you take a look around for the LOUNGE HALL and stay in a room of dark graphite and silver for a night of relax on a huge bed, chill out music and a gold drink. Enjoy the lounge in Arrogance Music Factory the way only this club can offer.

Party Hall

Every summer PARTY HALL puts on the best theme parties - choose a Russian night, latino or pop-folk and enjoy the latest hits in our weekly program. When you're here you dance all night right up until sunrise. 250 seats in an extravagant surrounding where nothing can make the night hotter.


The newest hall in Arrogance Music factory. It's the latest must have of our TOP 5 ideas for hot summer nights. Only a step away from the beach alley and still in the rhythm of music. Here you can enjoy a game of pool, watch your favourite sporting event or chill on the terrace or enjoy the pleasant summer sun rays with and a cocktail.